Are Women Safe In Mauritius?

We shouldn’t mince words when we describe the state of affairs here especially given the astonishing rise in crimes committed against women.  Last week, the corpses of two lovers were found in a valley and this immediately sparked concerns about what seemed to be a crime of passion.  There’s nothing passionate about a jilted husband going on a murder spree but oh well, we’re not here to debate misnomers.  The nature of the crimes was so morbid that it elicited a maelstrom of sympathy for both the victims…and the perpetrator of those crimes.  That’s right-certain people rued over the fact that the young bride shouldn’t have provoked the ire of her husband because you know, she was just asking for it.  Certain people are so painfully oblivious to the plight of women that they fail to see the humanity in them.

Then there was the rape of another young woman, which occurred recently in a secluded sugarcane field and the alleged rapist was none other than the driver of the van that was supposed to get her home.  The reaction to this particular tragedy was even more mind-boggling- some men were intent on contextualizing and over-analyzing the paltry details to prove that it didn’t happen, that the victim was just lying.  Why would anyone lie about being raped in our purity-obsessed society?  Didn’t you know that virginity is a badge of honor here?

All this is a direct repercussion of our archaic beliefs as a society and like I said in the beginning of this article, we’re not here to mince words.  The reason why females are often the targets of vitriolic jibes here is because there’s this sexist undertone in our norms and this is upheld and proselytized by ignorant people in the guise of ‘culture’.  I don’t want to offend anyone but if your culture regards one gender as being inherently inferior, well maybe it doesn’t belong in the civilized world.

Women, you don’t need to prove anything to anyone but more importantly, you need to become the catalyst for social change in this society.  Debunk their sexist myths one by one and unite in fighting against the tyranny of their dated beliefs.  We should never forget that our society doesn’t value our reproductive independence, nor does it care about the myriads of little girls who are forced to become mothers to placate their medieval values.  Great strides are yet to be made in the achievement of TRUE equal rights.

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  1. It is the narrow mindness of some Mauritians, irrelevant of religion, that endangered women in Mauritius and other countries like India, China and Japan.

  2. Women are not safe in this Mauritius. Men feel okay to take advantages of women. They feel like we are their toys to use anytime they want for satisfying their ego and sexual desire. Rape is on the rise in this Mauritius and if we don’t stand up against it, it will destroy many women and girls live. People never understand what a person who has been raped go through and they will never understand it if Victims can’t stand against rape. So many cases which are never reported and even if they are reported, the law handle them like a normal crime. It is a shame that we still live in a society which doesn’t value the safety of women.

    • I concur. There’s a very sickening sexist connotation in our norms, that we women ought to be held accountable for crimes that are committed against us. It’s akin to blaming a murder victim for being murdered.

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