Women’s Rights And Gender Inequality In Mauritius

Inequality, as a broad term that covers several areas, has stymied progress in Mauritius for a long time now.  What we need to do to liberalize our society, as well as our economy, is to push for forward-looking policies that have the advantage of steering the country in the right direction.

Inequality in our society doesn’t impact everyone in the same way; the distinction needs to be made.  Mauritius, being a highly patriarchal society, has failed to enter a progressive phase that would’ve liberalized society for women, not just in terms of mores and norms, but economic parity as well.  In terms of economic parity, several studies have shown that the gender-pay gap is salient throughout all sectors of our society, which can be attributed to the fact that women in general, aren’t present in the top hierarchies of companies, despite excelling in academic settings.

As well as not possessing economic clout, women are highly disadvantaged when it comes to exercising their own freedom.  The archaic laws that govern our country have made it illegal for women to have reproductive rights, which basically reduces them to brood mares for the state.  And as a corollary to that, just recently the Ministry Of Health was exhorting people to procreate more as the birth rates are ostensibly plummeting.  In light of the various economic and social inequalities stalling our progress, it wouldn’t be unwise to think twice before procreating.

The abortion issue is rarely ever broached into the mainstream conversation because we have a nation of fully-fledged bigots who cannot fathom differing viewpoints.  So much so that you have to remodel your life to meet their expectations, and that too is framed into our laws.  It is quite alarming that in this day and age, women haven’t yet seized the baton of resistance to clamor for their own basic human rights.  This reality is appallingly obvious in the way that women are treated by law officials; several domestic abuse victims are advised to bury the hatchet with their assailants because the rupture of the nuclear family is more worrisome to authorities than the dehumanization of women.

All these issues stem from the very fact that in this society, we rarely ever extrapolate on policies that would really benefit the core of the nation but instead the benign skirmishes among politicians make the national headlines almost everyday.  This languor when it comes to progressive values we ought to espouse, will slow us down further on the evolutionary ladder.

Societies that fail to address their lofty inequalities aren’t conducive to widespread growth.

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