The Worst Thing About Patriarchal Societies Is That Women Aren’t Allowed To Have Fun

I cannot think of a worse outcome for the other half of humanity- the ones who give birth, the ones who dedicate their lives to nurturing and protecting other human beings.  Somehow, along the way, it was decided that theirs ought to be a morose destiny.  They cannot be allowed to thrive, they are certainly confined to the realm of political correctness more than any other group and the sheer fact that their individuality is often put to the test just corroborates my claim-women aren’t supposed to have fun.  Our happiness isn’t a paragon of our journey in life, well at least not in openly patriarchal countries.

Unlike men, who are allowed to be as crass as they want to be, as depraved as they choose to be and as free-spirited as they demand to be, women cannot choose to embody values that are inimical to patriarchal values.  Whence did this double standard originate?  Well I cannot say, but it might be biblical or Hindu or Muslim in nature, but it certainly stems from the infancy of our combined human intelligence.  Just as much as some of us abhor the notion that religious leaders try to suck us into their mental vacuum, women must stay away from these thought control systems that have been the source of their modern scourges.

The most obvious reason why sexism impedes our pursuit of happiness is that we, as women, are seen as the other sex.  The lascivious sex.  The Manic Pixie Dream Girl.  The Mia Khalifa.  Well you get the mental image.  We cannot present ourselves the way we want to because certain people (most people) have already decided our identity for us.  It doesn’t matter how smart or driven you are, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, as long as you have that thing in your nether regions (a cool thing I might add), you’re already encumbered by these atrocious subconscious demands.

How do we change that?  The sad thing is, it’s going to take a while.  Maybe more than a while because our liberation is only going to be possible insofar as religion has lost its grip on humanity.  Meaning that, as long as people cannot think for themselves, cannot empathize with those who are different from them, well, we’re still going to have to fight for a chance to exist.  Because, sadly, it’s all about our own existence, we’re denied an autonomous existence, we’re robbed of it because of our sexuality.  And that doesn’t mean that we have to gear our sexuality a certain way to hightail to equality.  It just means that, as long as certain people cannot see past the curvature of our bodies, we’re doomed to a passive existence.

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