#JusticeForBlacky…What Justice?

A thought occurred to me as I was driving along the bustling streets of Rose Hill.  The cops were everywhere, walking around surveying hawkers, looking for some ti dimoun who might have committed a petty infraction, scrutinizing parking areas and handing out tickets willy-nilly.  What a horror show, I thought.  If only they would use their energy to keep our streets actually safe, to protect our children and our citizens from lunatics.  But, insofar as their training is concerned, it just doesn’t allow them the freedom to exercise the powers of their own conscience.  Or maybe, they’ve been advised against it, because let’s face it, police everywhere act as a proxy for the ruling party, not the rule of law.

When Blacky’s tragic story was circulating on Facebook, I couldn’t have been more crestfallen.  There it was, an innocent dog, whose severed limbs and nearly disfigured head commanded attention more than anything on social media, not just for its sheer brutality, but for that grisly juxtaposition; an innocent soul that’s been wounded beyond words.  Unspeakable.  Appalling.  The reactions varied, but almost everyone concurred that the perpetrator ought to face a harsh and swift comeuppance.  That is, a very unlikely fate.  It remains to be seen what change the government will bring about to ensure the safety of our animals, because as of today, the maximum sentencing for brutality against animals is 6 months max.  Yes, you can kill an animal and get out in 6 months.  But if you smoke weed, you’re looking at 5 years.  What a paradise, I must say.

The violence isn’t unusual, especially when it comes to animals.  The evolution of our collective intelligence never really included introspection and empathy, or rather, they might be ill-defined.  Discourse on social justice and progressive ideals is limited, which is why, people do not get to access ideas that might reinforce their belief in humankind.  Stratification exists among the class groups, species, families, religions, you name it.  The word ‘Mauricianisme’ is lobbed around by hypocrites who want to sell this image of a pristine island accessible to all, but they willingly ignore the social issues; the bane of our society.

Nikhil Aumeer, the callous piece of excrement who tortured Blacky and killed Dipsy, is not a rare type of psychopath, especially when we analyze the kind of environment that spawns soulless creatures like himself.  His history of criminal convictions includes attempted murder and yet he remained at large, terrorizing his family and neighbors, in spite of the charges levied against him.  Violence begets violence, and violence is the norm in many parts of this island.  Whether it’s communal violence, domestic violence or drug-fueled violence, it’s rarely tackled because our judicial system is as weak as it could possibly get.  You’d think that it should be the first thing to fix on the government’s agenda, but maybe a society hamstrung by its ills, is more easily wooed.

It goes without saying that progress will not be achieved unless we all stick together, stick to ideals rather than petty tribalism and figure out where we’re headed as a society.  We’re after all a fledgling democracy, our colonial past is still looming behind us and our principles are as jumbled as they could be.  But we must not kid ourselves, justice is a rare treat in this type of paradise and many have their own stories to tell to corroborate this statement.  If mob justice prevails, then maybe we have a chance.  But, mob justice doesn’t bode well for a democracy, a strong judicial does.

So what are our MPs waiting for?

Lukshana Gopaul

Lukshana is the essay writer for PLAG. You can reach her at luckshanagopaul@gmail.com .

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