He was beaten up, stripped and chained WITHOUT DUE PROCESS

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A forlorn figure slumped in a chair trying to hide his privates from wandering eyes, naked and hogtied with a heavy metal chain.  His lawyer was barely able to hide his outrage, and surely enough, this anachronistic image of a man naked and chained started circulating on social media.  It was redolent of the practices of slave masters back in our formative years.  But it wasn’t shocking to me, as it was to so many people.  Because I for one, have witnessed the thuggish ways of our local police force.  These men aren’t well versed in the constitution nor do they care to acquaint themselves with humane practices.  They walk around in a uniform that grants them instant impunity, they think their role towards society, by and large, is to reduce our citizens to servility.  To think otherwise is to be blissfully ignorant.  The Mauritius Police Force don’t care about anyone as much as they care about themselves and their clout.

David Daiqui was suspected to be involved in a slew of heists and thefts, although no concrete evidence of his involvement was presented before he was pummeled and humiliated in a police station.  There’s something known as ”innocent until proved guilty” which is basically the backbone of every judicial system.  Without ample proof in a court of law, no human being should be stripped of their civil rights.  However, they don’t teach that during the MPF 101, what they teach those aspiring cowboys is how to restrain otherwise law-abiding people and how to browbeat people into licking their boots.  Because in reality, what they truly want from you is blind devotion to their cause and utmost sycophancy.  Basically, they think their uniform endows them with a higher morality, which is certainly not true.

No one should be treated in such a way that they feel humiliated and demeaned, especially not as an excuse for the rule of law.  Cops here are inured to criticism, time and time again they get away with the foulest abuses of power and no one calls them out on their inhumanity.  It’s high time we do.