Month: February 2018

Hinduism & Higher Consciousness

Before delving into the nitty-gritty of the subject, let me begin by expounding on my personal exposure to Hinduism.  I was born into a Hindu household, and while my parents aren’t fervently following the Hindu calendar to the letter, there are certain things that are expected of one born into such a family.  Piety and

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Ode To A Great Being

There was something in his eyes that screamed he needed help.  His aura was so bright you could never look away.  I got to know him at his peak and ever since, I count myself lucky I did.  He was unlike the other men I had loved before him.  He was simple, pure and beautiful

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The Philosophy Behind Face Tattoos

How far are you willing to go to profess your allegiance to fashion?  What are the riskiest trends you’ve adopted in the process of setting yourself apart from your contemporaries?  And more importantly, would you let your individuality in the guise of your own fashion preferences shine through, in a world where conformity is the

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