Wayward People Make Good Friends

The sky was ominous, you could tell it was going to rain by the way the clouds had turned ashy gray.  I was waiting for him because he said he’d come to see me that day.  I had not seen him in months, and the last time we met, was pretty chaotic.  We have this strange friendship with bouts of complicity and weird lapses of pure hostility.  We’d been careening toward the former so we decided to give our friendship another shot.

We both are strange people with stranger pathologies.  I know I like him because of it.  I don’t know if he feels the same way about me.  But even though we take turns unfriending each other on social media, for reasons that range from the utterly absurd to genuinely mind-boggling, we always end up finding ourselves in the same mental corner that pushes us toward one another.  Sometimes, it works out, sometimes it does not.  But like I said, I like him because of that.  At least for now.

Our friendship is peculiar because we don’t excel at that small-talk thing.  We’re both people on the spectrum.  We cannot do normal and we do not expect each other to.  He is probably the only person with whom I could discuss a whole gamut of topics without him nodding them off, and shutting my impetus down.  You see, he’s a pretty deep person.  And I like people like him.  There’s nothing better than those deep conversations you have while hiding under an umbrella in the midst of a chaotic downpour.  That’s why I like him, for now at least.

It was tense.  It was real.  We were discussing politics and how politicians in Mauritius are soulless cunts without an iota of compassion for the people who voted them in.  Shells.  Mindless drones masquerading as humans.  Just the worst kind of people, you know.  And I felt good.  I hadn’t had that feeling in a long, long time.  I’ve been hanging out with the wrong crowd, people devoid of substance and ethos.  People who never get your emotional cues.  People who don’t understand the concept of random hugs and just spreading the love.  He does.

We huddled beneath that umbrella for what seemed like ages (but in reality, it was more like 15 mins) while waiting for the rainfall to wane and it felt good.  It feels good to have a friend to enjoy the rain with.  It feels good to have a friend who knows when you need a hug.  It feels good to have a friend who gets isolation, as much as you do, and who doesn’t seek to undermine your perception of isolation.  I mean, what more could a human being ask for?  I genuinely believe a solid friendship, even with all its flaws and idiosyncrasies, is better than romantic love.

I do not know when we will see each other again or where the tide will veer regarding our friendship, but what I know for a fact is, it’s very hard to find people who enjoy the rain as much as you do.