There’s nothing in this world that’s worth a smidgen of worry.  Literally nothing.  Zilch.  If someone tells you that’s not true, they’re either lying or they’ve been misled.  I cannot tell you how utterly easy and simple everything is.  There are only three rules, you need to feed yourself, you need social interaction and you need to make money.  That’s it.  There’s nothing else to it.  So why do you spend so much time ruing over things that don’t matter?  I know it gets hard at times and you get caught in the heat of the moment, I know worrying is universal because you’re constantly being told you’re not there yet, I know sometimes you feel like a pariah and you long to hear those three magic words, but you know what else I know?  You’re gonna do fine without it.

The moments when you’re the most vulnerable will define how you will treat your fellow human beings.  And there’s nothing more beautiful and more magical than the ability to reach out and empathize with someone whose ordeals remind you of your own.  The whole shebang about being human has nothing to do with those worldly, unattainable goals that you’ve set.  Being human is about the slew of experiences that will enhance your belief in being alive.  It’s about savoring every living moment, even the tragedies, even the melancholy.  Being human is being true to your inner self.  Even though you might be the shrewdest, bitterest asshole on the planet, you’re still very much human and you deserve to be loved.

There is no perfect human and those that claim to have eschewed all cruel ways leading up to their big moment of realization, are lying not only to themselves, but to the entire world.  Your past actions do not define your future, and if someone just can’t stop themselves from hammering a false sense of self into your mind, they don’t mean well.  No matter the depths whence you were hauled up, you are now at the very top.  You’re not going to fall again, unless YOU want to.  Let the fucking past hang in the fucking past.

The slave morality of this zeitgeist dictates that you judge yourself more critically than you would others.  It tells you, you HAVE to belong, otherwise you’ll be ostracized.  And if they don’t ostracize you for not wanting to belong, they will ostracize you for myriad other offences, which include but aren’t limited to; failing to abide by anachronistic social mores, championing your individuality above all else, holding politically incorrect opinions and so forth.  But those same rules are always being skewed and bent by spinmeisters in favor of individuals in positions of authority.  Basically, there’s no higher morality than that which you decide to act upon.  Do not feel overwhelmed by the norms and mores that are being lobbed at you from every possible direction, they are inherently worthless.

Of course I’m not saying that you should be a criminal.  As long as you’re not hurting your fellow human being- as I emphasized in the beginning of this essay, empathy is key to achieving the ideal human experience-you are entitled to your own set of rules and norms.  Nothing is going to overwhelm you, to ignite a flurry of negative emotions, when you’ve chosen to steer clear of the slave morality path.  Instead, you will be left feeling underwhelmed, because you will face the reality of what it is to be alive.  And what it is, is very easy and simple and millions of graves have been defaced by their own occupants because they ascribed a ludicrous urgency to it.

Lukshana Gopaul

Lukshana is the essay writer for PLAG. You can reach her at luckshanagopaul@gmail.com .

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