Tea Drinkers and Weed Smokers

We were walking in single file, our arms held aloft to ward off the boughs that impeded access to the forest.  The saplings seemed to have grown since the last time we’d been there, and although it was irksome to trudge through them, we did it nonetheless.  There was nowhere else we could go, this island being replete with onlookers and sidelong glances throwers, all of whom just want a piece of you.  It beggars belief that life on an island can seem so persecuted at times.  Sometimes, it seems like a cruel joke.

It is a cruel joke.  Imagine being born on an island and not ever being able to enjoy the full extent of that very experience.  The lavish greenery.  The turquoise ocean.  The nonchalance that the island life should provide.  On the contrary, lawmakers and politicians here do their best to stifle your free-spirit and the corrosive patriarchal culture even more so.  What a travesty.  I wish it was like Blue Lagoon.  You know, just walking around half naked, with my disheveled hair covering my tits.  And a member of the male species to keep me company.  Swimming in a creek in the morning, eating pineapples and drinking coconut juice.  Our afternoon naps, us entwined in a hammock. And our evenings, traipsing along the beach.  But instead, the island life that I’ve been bestowed with, is just a dreary reminder of the epoch that we live in.  Unfettered capitalism and mindless consumerism.

It’s not a utopia to wish for simpler things.  It’s a reminder of our self-imposed plight.  To have such a beautiful backdrop pocked by retarded shit that some constipated fools in full sartorial display came up with, is just bathetic.  I mean, at least, let me smoke some weed on the fucking beach.  But these fucking mannequins cannot be bothered to let the islanders appreciate the fucking island life.  I blame the archaic culture they’re enmeshed in.  And their blatant apathy to others’ viewpoints.  That’s how you know, you live in a low IQ society.  A bunch of pre-programmed assholes, whose self-worth stems from their inability to empathize with their fellow human beings, make up the crux of this country.

I wonder how different things would be if the culture wasn’t that jarring.  If everyone was on the same page.  But that is the utopia.  At least years of colonialism could have overridden the toxic Eastern cultures that propagate even more toxic ideas like patriarchy, kowtowing to authority like half-starved dogs, blind adherence to authority and so on.  But the colonialists couldn’t be bothered to remedy that situation I suppose, or rather, leaving a country to hostile sects of hardcore religious people would slow down progress, thus casting a positive light on outsiders ruling us.  It’s just sad that such a beautiful country is tainted by a bunch of retarded megalomaniacs.

But I’m still grateful for the simple things.  Floating in the ocean while staring at the dark sky, contemplating the vastness and thinking about the futility of it all.  I’m grateful for that.  Gazing at the greenery aboard a decrepit bus.  I’m grateful for that too.  Do you know what else I’m grateful for?

Having someone like you read my bullshit.

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