How To Stop Smoking When You Have Zero Willpower


About a year ago when I was obsessed with my health and looking young, I stumbled upon a website recounting the tragic stories of people’s addiction with cigarettes.  I came across the story of a young man who died of lung cancer at the unfortunate age of 21 and the most tragic aspect about this story wasn’t his untimely death per se, it was that even though he knew he was going to die, he kept on smoking.  That just seemed counter-intuitive to me, but also redolent of my own lack of willpower.

So I gave up smoking after injecting my brain with all these horror stories about meek minded people dying a slow and ugly death and I resolved to never relapse.  Ever.  That was about 8 months ago and of course, I relapsed, I gave in not to the urge of smoking, but to peer pressure.  Most of my social interactions depended on sheer inebriation and the concomitant chain smoking.  I chose to maintain a healthy social life, at the expense of my own health.

Fast forward 8 months from then, and here I am, smoke free since Saturday.  I feel great, I feel good.  I don’t feel any urge to smoke again, and the thought itself is unnerving.  And this isn’t because I’m such a level-headed, strait-laced person, it’s because I don’t care about it anymore because it’s stupid and downright cancerous.

I mean when you look at those gruesome depictions of diseased smokers on the cigarette packs, how the fuck can you ratiocinate to yourself and come to the conclusion that IT’S WORTH IT?  Your body is worth more than one cancerous drag, and surely more than thousands of instances of mindless indulgence into a carcinogen.  I know, it sounds glamorous and evokes a state of utter freedom, of nirvana even, when you’re sitting by yourself and thinking about life while puffing on a cancer stick.  But you know your mind is operational even when you’re not smoking, so these deep philosophical crises can be addressed without playing with your health.

People are so self-righteous to think that smoking is their right when it’s just a dumb choice they make.  You wouldn’t venture into an old Chernobyl factory for the sake of an adventure because ”YOLO” bitches, so why would you put your life at stake for 5 mins of ersatz peace?  It’s just idiotic, which brings us to the firm conclusion that people who smoke cigarettes are idiotic.

Imagine wasting hundreds of dollars funding a habit that may potentially kill you.  You might as well donate hundreds of dollars to charity and then jump off a building because if life isn’t even that important to you, a couple of bucks may decide someone else’s.  Okay that was kind of harsh, but you get the point.

We all encounter vicious cycles whilst navigating into this uncertain world.  And at times, objectively destructive behavior may seem comforting, and may alleviate your anxiety.  But just think about that split second when the minutiae of your life are flashing in your mind at the time of death, would you like for the best relationship in your life to be with a cigarette company?  I dare say, you would not.