It’s Not Enough To Be A Feminist

Recently I got asked whether I identified as a feminist and obviously the answer to this question is pretty straightforward.  My most popular articles deal with women’s plight here in Mauritius and I’ve resoundingly lent my support to female issues over the years.  And while all of that is noble, and follows the politically correct trend of aligning one’s ideologies with the Overton Window, my thoughts on feminism have somewhat flourished into something more cogent, departing from the realm of hashtags and vociferous social media posts.

Men have it all, especially on the internet.  They’ve carefully tailored niches for their every need; INCELS lurk on MGTOW websites, men who can’t get laid go to pick-up artists who’ve hundreds of forums dedicated to the art of coaxing women into having sex with them, misogynists have their own growing tribe on anonymous forums such as 4chan and reddit and some even operate in a covert fashion on the dark web.

The internet for women is a farcical attempt to sell us things we don’t need, it’s advertising 101 to get us to fall prey to mass consumerism in the attempt to get guys to like us.  We don’t have elaborate websites for women who’ve chosen spinsterhood, we don’t have feminist websites that truly empower us like MGTOW websites that cater to the every whim of their audience.  Instead, what we have is a bunch of fashion gurus, makeup artists, writers cum snake oil saleswomen using feminism to tell us how to live our lives.  Unlike men, who are feted and lionized regardless of the lifestyle they’ve chosen, we are constantly told to fit the mold, to fake it till we make it.  Because the idea of a woman to them, is antithetical to the idea of an individual with their own agency.

It is quite shocking that no one wants to educate young girls on how to channel their feminine energy.  Young girls are exposed to the subversiveness of the media, telling them how to behave and forcing the idea of the female seductress down their throats.  They watch tv shows in which the primary protagonist is a young girl their age desperate for love.  They grow up idolizing male singers who specifically use their art to appeal to the vulnerability of young girls, who in turn, base all their aspirations on the achievement of female perfection, just to attract boys.

And then we have the incidence of teenage pregnancy and girls who give up trying because of that prolonged indoctrination.  It’s a no brainer that our androcentric culture prioritizes male achievement and relegates women to the role of the sidekick, the object of desire, the advertising holy grail.  Women who choose career over domestic life are sidelined whilst those who excel at painting their faces, are elevated through advertising and the media.

The only time feminism is brought up is when someone has been sexually harassed, raped or beaten up.  Feminism rarely expatiates on the various aspects of womanhood, of female ambition and individualism.  It rounds all of us up in a homogeneous group, loyal to the current cultural marxism trend and gets us riled up whenever someone makes an offhanded comment about our gender.  But feminism ought to be about more than just blind devotion, it should give us a platform similar to what men have, a platform that celebrates all kinds of women, not just those who’ve succeeded at blending in.

Lukshana Gopaul

Lukshana is the essay writer for PLAG. You can reach her at .

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