Popular Culture or How To Lose IQ Points

Writing to me is my special form of therapy and I usually refrain from using harsh language, but this article is an exception.  I made the grave mistake of listening to the official anthem of the 2018 World Cup and I feel like I lost 10 IQ points within the first minute.  Jesus Christ, are we regressing as a species!  I mean football is stupid as it is, but to celebrate its mythical glory in song format in such an appalling fashion, breaks all barriers of stupidity.

I shudder to think about the world my kids will grow up in-if I do have any-and the culture that will come to define their lives.  Music evolved from the subtle sophistication of classical art, to the degenerate schlock known as ”pop music”.  Devoid of ethos and purpose, this commercialized artless commodity is celebrated as the height of achievement in the music world.  With sordid beats repeating themselves ad nauseam in tandem with sub-par lyrics that could’ve been written by any 6 year old, pop music has taken the world by storm.  Owing to the brilliance of mass advertising, it’s warped our minds and changed our perception of what ought to be the apotheosis of culture.


But I refuse to call it culture because it’s inherently culture-less.  Calling pop music culture is akin to calling McDonald’s gourmet.  There is no culture in pop music, it’s accounting if anything.  Profits are the motivating factor in this industry, like any other industry, and the art aspect of it all is rarely touched upon.  Similar to cheap mass produced fast food and apparel, pop music is about reaching hordes of people through limited effort.  Fast, cheap and catchy; it’s less about substance than it is about the emulation of substance.

And to see its influence extending beyond its home turf is a matter of concern, especially given how culture varies across countries.  When something as benign and trite as pop music invades the radio stations of a country that once elevated artists like Mozart, it makes you wonder whether this world is not a cesspit after all.  When people like Lil Pump and Cardi B qualify their antics as ”art”, it’s a dreary reminder that this era is as dark as ancient religions predicted it would be-the celebration of artless individuals to me is as dark as it gets.

And then you have good music that’s confined to specific niches because apparently enjoyment of good music is separate from the popular ”artforms”.  There you go, capitalism at its finest.  When you have ignorant people topping the charts and erudite artists rarely ever acknowledged for their contribution to music, you have to ask yourself; is this not a deliberate attempt to dumb us down?

Don’t even ask yourself this question because of course it is.  What kind of world celebrates the lazy and sluggish attempts of individuals who’ve never read one book in their life?  And then when you look at it from the vantage point of acquired knowledge, you realize that the gist of their deliberate purveying of mediocre music is all about preventing the acquirement of knowledge.  Ergo, a social conditioning of sorts, to blind the individual from the real gems of this earth, to mellow them down to such a degree that the survival and evolution of this species is the least of their concerns, when it should be their only concern.


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