The sale of the Mauritian identity begins!

Lepep admirable feeding the gluttonous leeches in the government.

The 2018 budget featured some highlights; the sudden decrease in the prices of petrol and diesel, a tax reduction favoring the middle-income class and…the sale of the Mauritian identity!  ”In peace, justice and liberty” indeed!

This comes as no shock to anyone who’s been following the political news on the island, not that there’s much to follow, it’s mainly a government who has difficulties in choosing between their constituents and foreign investors.  Most times they choose the latter, for their personal gain of course, but oftentimes, like this surprise budget for instance, they tend to include the middle class for political expediency in view of the next elections.

But the sale of the Mauritian nationality to anyone willing to empty their pockets, is just immoral and astoundingly petty and provocative.  It’s like this government is eager to re-colonize this island, that has only been independent for 50 years or so.  Some people never learn from history, one could imagine.

And how is it going to affect the average Mauritian you ask?  Well, for starters, we can expect a total upheaval in the real estate market, favoring foreign investors and sidelining Mauritians, who already possess the required nationality and ergo are less desirable to the government, if one has to follow this circular logic.

We can expect a housing bubble, similar to the 2008 housing crisis in the United States, we can expect mounting inflation as investors pour their resources into the island, thereby devaluing our currency.  We can expect this government to, as always, get cozy with investors and indulging in some common bribery practices, et cetera, et cetera.

But none of this matters apparently.  The electorate remains impervious to the machinations of the rulers of this country, just as much as it remains utterly hidebound in the face of progressive change.

To conclude, rest assured that as long as oligarchs and snake oil salesmen represent us in the Parliament, real change will take eons to affect the mainstay of the population.