The vastness propels us to look further.  Further down the road, there’s a door that will fling open to wonders that our minds can’t grapple with and only the intrepid dare to venture down that path.  I’m not very courageous, nor do I possess an iota of wanderlust, all I wanna do is follow the others down that path for you never know what may await you on the other side of that door.

As I walk alongside them, I realize the path is rocky and littered with pools of putrid detritus, ostensibly there to impede our entry into the world beyond.  But the passion is relentless, all encompassing.  Like an orgasm, the mind wants to reach its peak, the ascent is as meaningful as life itself.  The odyssey is the aphrodisiac that bolsters the mind’s quest for wonder.

To undertake such an endeavor would embolden anyone, but to falter in the face of uncertainty is a trait that plagues more than just one of us.  We come in batches of flaws and defects, and all we can ever do to remedy this situation is to allow our minds the leeway to identify with these defaults.  However, these defaults pose a great problem to the status quo, that seeks to mitigate the glories of the untethered imagination.

Where such an unfettered lust for adventure may lead us, is a mystery in itself.  But one thing that I’m sure of, and I’m sure that you are too, is that there’s no glory in living all of this vicariously.  Just do it for yourself, for the blood that meanders through your veins.  Because fulfillment is hardly ever the accomplishment of your expectations.  It’s a visceral, emphatic fuck you to those shackles.


Lukshana Gopaul

Lukshana is the essay writer for PLAG. You can reach her at .

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