Why I’m Pro-Choice

Let me begin this essay by stating my stance on the matter. I am vehemently pro-choice, not just on this topic, but on everything else for that matter. I respect individuals and their freedom to choose, I trust that they’re the experts on what’s right and wrong for them and I value a society that respects the individuality and the independence of its citizens. That being said, I do not respect people who constantly ostracize those they oppose and who limit their freedom, citing their religion or whatever ideology they are ruled by.

Abortion has always been a polarizing topic, as far as I can remember. I remember having a debate with a very morally ambiguous religious man who told me ‘it’s just not right’ for a woman to ‘kill her baby.’ The same man used to do drugs, smoked around his infant daughter and committed a financial crime. Why do obviously flawed people like this man think that on this matter, they somehow have the pristine morality to judge women whose life stories they don’t even know? It’s not sheer ego or hatred as you may be led to think, it’s blatant stupidity. For a human being to judge a complete stranger based on such ambiguous moral guidelines, yes, stupidity must be a prerequisite.

Now that we’ve agreed that pro-lifers tend to be pretty stupid, let me corroborate my claims with ironclad scientific facts. First of all, a fetus doesn’t start to feel pain until the third trimester (i.e at the 27 weeks’ mark) and most abortions tend to occur during the first trimester. Women who have abortions during the third trimester usually have no choice as doctors may have discerned a life-threatening malformation or disability in the fetus. So the claim that women who have an abortion aren’t responsible or are just cruel is unfounded according to science and statistics. The moral argument in this case is that, an abortion is nothing more than a conscious effort to steer one’s life in the correct direction.

Babies aren’t more valuable than women although innocence is advertised like a prized trait in this chaotic world. Without its mother, a baby left on its own cannot survive. So the onus to raise a child and financially provide for a child falls on the woman and logically such a drastic, life-changing decision must be weighed considerably. There’s nothing more tragic than growing up with little to no means in a troubled household. To subject a human being to such horrible living conditions is a crime in itself, yet these pro-lifers clamor for a stance they’ve probably never been educated on. It’s more moral to abort an unwanted fetus than to subject it to a lifetime of suffering.

Finally, the statistics show that children brought up in foster care or deprived of familial support tend to become juvenile delinquents and criminals. The crime plague that affects societies worldwide can be remedied if laws are enacted to give people the choice to decide if they want to be parents, which is literally the most important decision a person can make.

That for the most trivial things in life (clothing, cars, tv shows) people have thousands of choices yet for the most important one, that of raising a human being, they have none, is quite preposterous in itself. Let the people decide for themselves because as much as you claim to be morally superior to them, there’s nothing you can do to help a struggling child and there are millions of them to prove my point.

Lukshana Gopaul

Lukshana is the essay writer for PLAG. You can reach her at luckshanagopaul@gmail.com .

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