ISIS claims responsibility for Sri Lanka attacks, as revenge for attack on Muslims in New Zealand

A shocking video has emerged where a suicide bomber pats a child’s head before blowing himself up.  CCTV footage has capture the full extent of the destruction and uncanny moments like this.

State Minister of defence Ruwan Wijewarden has revealed that the motivation behind the attacks was in retaliation for the attacks against Muslims in Christchurch where 50 were killed inside two mosques in New Zealand.  White Supremacist Brenton Tarrant was the perpetrator and the originator of the attacks.

This image obtained from Reuters shows the exact moment the suicide bomber pats a child’s head before detonating his device.

ISIS have claimed responsibility for the attacks, which killed at least 321 people, including 45 children.

This raises the question of how much of ISIS is still operational after Western forces claimed to have killed important leaders.