1.What is Plagform?

PLAG is an acronym that stands for Progressive and Liberal Agenda for Government.  Hence Plagform is a spin on Platform. But in so doing, we push for real progressive policies like the freedom of speech, the freedom of women everywhere and the emancipation of minority groups.  We encourage fair and unbiased debate and do not pander to any specific group.

2.Who is behind Plagform?

Plagform is run by a group of writers with differing viewpoints and social agendas, which is tantamount to our mission statement.


3.What is your website about?

It’s about ideas, thoughts, stories and opinion pieces.  Based in Mauritius, we provide bilingual content to a worldwide audience.


PLAG produces original content, subject to copyright laws.  Counterfeiters will be prosecuted insofar as the law permits.  PLAG promulgates intellectual and artistic freedom and will not tolerate gross misuse of its content.



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