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  1. PLAG adheres to EU and US internet laws in that we do not store your personal information for advertisement or targeting purposes.  In the event that your identity is revealed on the site, please do not hold us responsible for it as you can choose to comment on our posts using a username or an Alias.
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  3. We use cookies for the bare minimum, that is, to find out what information is going to be more relevant to you.  We do not direct advertisers to you nor do we affiliate ourselves with Third-Party advertisers who might make profitable use of your information.  Other sites do but we don’t as we’re primarily information-focused.
  4. If you’re not able to comment using your email, you can do so with your Facebook login.  We do not store your Login information nor do we direct any kind of information to your social sites.
  5. The articles on this website are unbiased and we do not intent to provoke anyone with our content.  Being a Free Expression Platform means that every opinion is welcomed and we do not discriminate against those who want to react to our content in a negative manner.
  6. Users on our platform express their own beliefs and it shouldn’t be mistaken as the beliefs of the PLAG platform as a whole.
  7. Pertaining to the ICTA Act in Mauritius, we do not target specific people or groups of people with our content nor do we subscribe to the ideology of defamation or libel.

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