Tag: realism

Ode To A Great Being

There was something in his eyes that screamed he needed help.  His aura was so bright you could never look away.  I got to know him at his peak and ever since, I count myself lucky I did.  He was unlike the other men I had loved before him.  He was simple, pure and beautiful

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Do Not Resuscitate?

I was walking barefoot along the shore of this isolated beach, wearing daisy dukes and wayward thoughts.  I always knew what I wanted and at that time, what I really wanted was to get away.  But can you truly disappear in such a global world?  How would I even vanish, knowing that all eyes can

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Very Few Feelings Make It All The Way To Our Mouths

Very few feelings make it all the way to our mouths. Of those that do, few are the ones unstained by our thoughts. Sometimes they don’t even agree with each other. I guess it’s a good thing we have our thoughts to put them in order. Makes talking about them easier. There are some feelings

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